Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Road Ahead

We have started on a journey to transform learning at Graded and one of the stops along the way occurs in August 2012. At that time the high school will become a 1:1 laptop environment. Today we are providing an update on preparing for August. As you can see, much has been done and there is certainly work in progress on everyone's part. After today's presentation we'll split into small groups to discuss the prompts below. After the discussion we ask that you record your answers in the comments. Answers can be from the group, individuals or a combination of both.

  • What are you doing differently this year in preparation for August 2012?
  • What are the next steps for you professional growth?
  • What are you nervous about (if anything)?


  1. 1. I am doing less work on paper and more work lectroneically (lessons and student work).
    2. Take all my ancient stuff in electronic form.
    3. I am nervous about tech failure in the middle of class.

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  3. At the grade 9/10 counseling flexes, I am asking students to bring their devices to the auditorium so that they can explore Naviance (counseling site).

    See what the counselors in other 1:1 schools are doing.

    Crashes! Last flex, students could not login due to a tech problem involving wireless connection in the auditorium. Lucy

  4. Discovering resources student find most useful
    Professional growth has been helpful with HS Academic coordinator offering classes. Took a WebEX privately and will look at how to use for group instruction
    Not nervous at all

  5. I am nervous about having Macs and PCs in the same classroom and for me to be able to be the expert for kids on how to use the necessary programs on both platforms.
    My next step for professional development is to familiarize myself with Mac graphing software in addition to the Microsoft programs I already use.
    (-Lauren Pool)

  6. This year, I would like to attend some webinars. Also, I am learning from my colleagues and learning more about PC's.

    My steps are to look at the webinars that are offered and start with one and then move forward. I would like to do that in a small group so that I could reflect about what was talked about in the webinar. Also, I need to ask Silvana for help and more one on one so that I can try new projects. I guess it is thinking of what I want my students to learn and then talking about how that could be done using technology.

    Nervous? I guess it is different that the students all have different types of computers and that can be challenging for me. So, I guess figuring out the end project that I want and how the students can all reach it.

  7. Several of the collaborative activities I usually do I am now doing through Google docs.

    Learning some new apps.

    I am not really "nervous." I find the whole "panic" narrative that continues to be told annoying. It's not a big deal, really, because I will decide to what extent my students use their laptops in class. Sometimes laptops will be useful, other times not.

    It seems that IT is already addressing some of my concerns about HS 1:1.

  8. I'm paying much closer attention to how many students have brought devices to class and how they use them when they get there. I don't know how consciously I'm making some of the choices I'm making, but if I compare how much paper goes back and forth between me and my students, I notice that I hardly ever print anything out anymore, and students hand in almost all of their work electronically. I'm nervous about having information in so many different places (blogs, sites, inbox, Gdrive, googledocs, Atlas, etc.) that I won't remember where everything is. I'm not nervous about the kids knowing stuff I don't. That's been true for years. (Amy Hunt)

  9. As we were discussing here together, we realized there are plenty of digital tools we are using more often.One of them is google docs, including google forms, google sites and audio recordings.
    What was nice to see was students becoming authors and also commenting on each other`s works.

    Deborah, Letícia e Laureana

  10. Amaral

    This year I have been trying to incorporated a lot of tech tools in my classes, especially IB. I have been using Google Docs as a lead in to class topics, Courseweb forum to bridge what is happening in class with what is going on in the science world (blogs to comment on TED talks, articles, etc), FaceBook private groups to generate online discussion and fast communication, just to mention a few.
    I am attending classes for a week at a school where the one to one program has been in use for quite a while and hope to develop new projects based on my observations.
    I will certainly need to look at the guidelines on how to wisely use all these tools in terms of copyright issues and safety.

  11. 1. I'm looking into using podcasts with one of my classes this year to see if it can meet my educational objectives. If successful, I can foresee using this technique more often with the kids having laptops at their disposals.
    2. I want to see how the IB History program advises the use of technology to help meet its goals.
    3. I'm nervous that technology will be a distraction and time stealer rather than a tool to help the students learn how to be better writers, listeners, and thinkers.


  12. 1. allowing students to use devices in class, doing more electronically (note the spelling, RJ) like using

    2. thinking about how to keep students on task (and off Facebook)with a room full of devices

    3. I'm nervous about the school adopting all this great 21st century tech stuff without having first addressed some 20th century concerns like air conditioning.


  13. 1. I do less with paper/handouts since nearly all of my kids have digital access during class. I'm much more open to kids using laptops, ipads, phones (for photographing a diagram on the board), etc than in past years. Pags

    2. Figuring out how to standardize a bit more? Right now I plan lessons for learning and if the tech can enhance the lesson then that's great. I don't really write lessons thinking "I have to find a way to involve tech" at the possible expense of kids understanding. Pags

    3. Being too dependent can be an issue if the network goes down (my pencil and paper don't typically crash). Pags

  14. I am interesting in engaging more technology in my classes, so that students have the opportunity to know and get familiar with novel tools. I would also like to give my students more learning opportunities in groups ( it is so relevant in the world outside of high school), and technology allows so much collaboration. I am somewhat nervous of managing the issue of work being authentic. Certainly more and more softwares are available to support this. Skills that are valuable and with an ability to transpose - this will be my goal.
    I would like to do professional development in the area of technology.
    Tanya Macedo

  15. 1) My classes are naturally becoming more web-friendly and paperless ( and such).

    2) I want to continue to grow my online and electronic repertoire of tools.

    3) I don't really get very nervous.


  16. a) I do more online assessments, less handouts, I`m more aware of what`s available at Tech support;
    b) I still have a lot to learn; There are realms that are completely strange to me;
    c) I am really confident; I used to be afraid, but no longer.

  17. What are you doing differently this year in preparation for August 2012?
    -I am moving towards creating a paperless classroom. Students can accomplish each stage of the composition process, from brainstorming to revision, by using a variety of web-based programs and software programs.

    What are the next steps for your professional growth?
    -I hope to learn how to create digital portfolios with the students. Ideally, the portfolios would be both formative and summative. I will also work to create a rubric that allows students to reflect on the quality of their own portfolios on a variety of levels.

    What are you nervous about (if anything)?
    -I am concerned that limited and /or inconsistent bandwidth will impact instruction. It will be difficult if I have planned a full lesson based on assumption I have access to the internet and I start the class only to find that I must revise plans on the spot because of poor wireless reception.
    Geoffrey Carpenter

  18. 1. I am changing my projects and assessments to a more technology based format.
    2. I definitely would like to do some professional development related to this. I also want to do some in depth research to find how other successful school are doing in the 1:1 teaching world.
    3. I am not nervous about anything. I am very excited about it. I think it is always important to question why we are doing anything we do. Likewise, why are we doing this big change? Is this what the Digital generation needs to learn at an optimal level? According to Lee Crocket, teaching the new Digital generation is not about adding technology tools but changing our whole way of teaching to the way the new generation thinks and processes information.

  19. 1. This year, all my Middle School classes are 1:1. So it has given me a basis to help transform my high school classes.
    2. Next steps for professional growth: I currently utilize a lot of technology for teaching and learning in the classroom, but I would like to utilize it more for assessment purposes (more online projects or digital portfolios...perhaps even a portfolio students can keep starting from their Grade 7 health classes until they complete their high school health classes!) I am continually trying to dabble my feet, in all different tech tools that are available. In some ways, there are so many different tools available, it is a little overwhelming.
    3. I don't feel nervous at all. I just hope that our infrastructure, (e.g. faster and more stable internet connections, more plug sockets) is ready for us in August.

  20. 1. Different? Not much. Continuing along my learning of the tools in order to see what fit my teaching style and course contents the best.

    2. Next steps? Online course starting in January.

    3. Nervous? I am wondering what the student understanding and expectation of this "new move" will be next year?

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  22. In preparation for next year I'm eliminating most handouts and moving towards a paperless classroom.

    The next step for me professionally will be to learn how to incorporate digital assessments.

    I'm nervous about bandwidth at the school with so many devices online at once, as well as software licensing/compatibility issues with different types of devices. Another concern I have is the initial adjustment period for students as they get used to the idea of a laptop as a learning tool.

  23. Alissa
    I've been moving to a more paperless classroom and encouraging my ninth graders to bring their laptops everyday to class. My students have also created digital portfolios so that they can access and evaluate the progress of their writing and projects throughout the year and into next year.

    The next professional step for me is to attend ASB Unplugged. I'm interested in learning about the application of more digital tools.

    My only nervousness is what we're already dealing with now-- infrastructure issues (internet speed and outages, power outlets, etc).

  24. Maggie
    - I've been trying to address the idea of digital citizenship in every task I assign.
    - I need to learn more about electronic portfolios for students'work and mine.
    - Not nervous.

  25. 1. online grading
    2. electronic portfolio PLC
    3. not


  26. 1. I'm using more google docs and promoting students to work using their personal laptops with certain assignments especially if they have the software needed.
    2. Continue what I do, promote and build upon digital portfolio, ensure that we have the software necessary so that students can work digitally in my classroom.
    3. Not
    Karin Gunn

  27. We, the librarians, are opening areas for collaborative work in the upper school library; we are working on a plan to implement eBooks to the library collection, in 2012-13, so that teachers and students will have access to the books through their own devices, will be able to add notes to them, highlight, instantly check the definition of unknown words, and immediately share reading or comments; The librarians and academic tech team are working on a curriculum to organize the development of information (research) and communication skills, so that it will be possible to assess students learning.
    We are discussing possibilities to improve access to “electricity” in the library, and the access to good equipment.
    We are reading a lot and following a few American and International s eGroups, to learn about other school libraries’ experiences and actions in relation to the 1:1 project and the 21st century students and skills.

  28. What am I doing differently this year? With very limited instructional time to deliver guidance curriculum, I am trying to provide students with more static information online and opportunities for them to share information electronically with me about their university aspirations. This includes building surveys for juniors and seniors to complete before they come in for individual appointments.

    What are the next steps for my professional growth? I will continue to reach out to counseling colleagues around the world at our annual conferences about how they are digitalizing their counseling offices. I will also use the Naviance network to build upon and refine my survey questions.

    What are you nervous about? Not nervous, just excited to save a few trees and become more efficient about delivering guidance curriculum in the clouds!

  29. I am piloting digital portfolios for Drawing, Painting, and Art1 courses that contain: a reflection and process section, a place to showcase studio art, and a page for students to add visual art resources and research.
    I will continue to look at organization structures in developing a digital portfolio so that student portfolios can be linked to the student’s main portfolio page containing different disciplines (with Silvana's help Geoff and I have tried this with shared Drawing/English students and it has worked well).
    I am looking forward to continuing to develop digital portfolios for all of my classes. I have requested a camera so students can photograph their art if they do not have a high quality camera. I feel that for public venues images should be presented in a professional manner. I am excited that with the 1:1 program students will have access to photo editing software so they can edit and upload their image anytime and anywhere.
    I am not nervous, I trust the kids to be the experts on many aspects of using technology and I love learning from them. For me the challenge is always how to organize all the resources I collect and to make them easily accessible. It takes time to reflect on the best technology to use and to learn how to use it. I like the concept of purposeful play…I just need more playtime!!!
    Jen Gadsden-Carpenter