Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Biology 9 .... Cornell Notes with Inspiration

In Grade 9 Biology class, Amy Flindt is helping students get organized using the Cornell Notes strategy. In that type of notes, the student has to associate a main idea/key point to a note. So when Amy and I talked about the type of technology that could replicate Cornell Notes, we thought that Inspiration Mind Mapping would be a perfect fit. In Inspiration, you can have a diagram with the main ideas associated with notes, and the main ideas can be represented by images.

On the first image to the left you can see the diagram view of sample Biology notes.  The image below shows  how notes can be opened up for each key idea. It is also possible to move back and forth from diagram to outline view as shown below. The outline and diagram can be exported to Microsoft Word or Open Office.

Students will practice with Inspiration notes before they can make a choice of what type of notetaking strategy to adopt for personal learning and organization. The exported notes will be shared online with the teacher for easy viewing through
                                                                                    Teacher Dashboard.         

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