Thursday, December 6, 2012

Visual Arts IB Year One ... Voicethread Feedback

 At the IB Year One Visual Arts class, students are getting oral feedback on their workbooks. This feedback used to do be done with post-its at the workbook itself, but they were easily lost, not much could be said, and workbooks were hard to carry around. Now students are scanning their workbooks and saving the images on Voicethread , which is a type of slideshow that allows oral, video or text feedback.

The image at the left shows one page of the workbook inside Voicethread and Jennifer Carpenter's oral comment on the side, which can be accessed by clicking on her avatar.

The students are embedding the Voicethread inside their own Digital Portfolio site, under "a Process and Reflection" page. The cool thing about an embedded Voicethread is that anyone is able to add comments right from the Google Site or Digital Portfolio!

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