Monday, November 25, 2013

International Relations ... Visual Notetaking Strategies Braintorm

The idea of taking visual notes is spreading on the Internet. Sunny Brown has called it the Doodle Revolution, and it is supported by brain research that highlights the importance of images in learning. Students in International Relations, with Ms LaFrance, have been assigned different articles for reading and becoming experts on.  In order to share and contribute to the learning of others, students will produce Visual Notes in RSA animation or screencasting format. Ideas for applications for laptop and iPads are given at the Visual Thinking page within the HS Academic Tech Support site.

Students were introduced to visual note taking strategies through a MODIFICATION level activity (SAMR Model by Rueben Puentedura). So instead of the traditional approach, students were actively engaged while the video was played in class, by collaboratively creating a Google Spreadsheet with main keywords from the video. Each student or group of students typed keywords in one column of the spreadsheet. At the end of the video, they had to "clean up" the keywords list by deleting or renaming keywords in agreement with peers, so we could have as many similar keywords as possible. The keywords were directly copied from the Google spreadsheet to Wordle, to create the class list of visual note taking strategies.

We are now looking forward to the student created visual notes videos! This work was a collaboration between Ms LaFrance and the HS Academic Technology Coordinator, Mrs Meneghini.

Visual Note Taking Strategies Wordle - from International relation class

Class keywords brainstorm during video presentation

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